In the battle of the light bulbs, Best Buy’s LED bulbs show better performance compared to Halogen and CFL Bulbs. LED light bulbs are the way to go if you want efficient, durable bulbs to light up your home - and the latest Which? tests have uncovered five new Best Buy LEDs.

These five LED bulbs offer plenty of light for the energy they use, and still burn brightly after a couple of thousand hours. Which? members can find the best LED bulbs by checking out our table of LED light bulb ratings. If you're not yet a member, you can sign up for a £1 trial to see the table and the rest of our in-depth reviews. LEDs are best energy saving light bulbs Even the lowest-scoring LED would still be a solid choice, but the excellence of these bulbs comes at price – the cheapest Best Buy costs an eye-watering £15.

A typical compact fluorescent bulb (CFL) doesn’t produce as much light as an LED that uses the same amount of energy, but CFLs are generally cheaper. The best CFL we’ve tested costs less than £5. There’s a further drop in efficiency if you go for a halogen bulb, which are cheaper still. We tested three, costing £2 each, and all were very inefficient. The whole story at Which.

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