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So you come home, tired from a day at work, wanting to just sit back and relax.  As you turn on your lights, the harsh brightness floods the room and stings your eyes. Not the best way to start off a relaxing night, right?

Choosing the right light bulb for your home can make a big difference in making it look and feel more relaxing. Most of the time, we just buy the cheapest bulb we can find, not taking into consideration the quality of light it gives out. Other times we just look at a sample light bulb and think “this one glows bright, it must be a good light bulb”. The quality of the light in our environment can actually affect how we feel, so if we want to feel more relaxed, choosing a bulb that emits a relaxing light is the best thing to do.

This article will talk about how LED bulbs can actually make your home feel more relaxing and welcoming.

“Warm” LEDs are the Way to Go

When choosing LED bulbs, you generally get to choose between a cool and a warm toned bulb. Cool toned LEDs give off a bluish-white light, making it ideal for places like the kitchen, study, bathroom, cupboard, office or anywhere else you’d want to have a light that makes you feel a bit more active and awake.  Warm toned LEDs give off a yellowish-white light, the type of light you’re looking for if you want a more relaxing look for your space. This is ideal to use in the bedroom, living room, dining area, and anywhere else you’d like to chill out and relax.

Go Natural

Another option is to use a natural white LED light. The temperature choice of LED bulbs is usually ranged with warm white, which is the most yellow, to cool white, which is more bluish. natural is somewhere between warm and cool and is suppose to mimic natural light. although it has some blue in it, it's still more pleasing to look at and less harsh.

Dim It Down

Another great feature about LEDs is that most of them are dimmable. This means that you can control the brightness of the bulb just by sampling turning a knob. Dimmers are available in most hardware stores and they’re inexpensive, perfect for table and floor lamps. Install dimmers to the room’s main light switch so you can control how bright or dim you want your space to be. 

“Smart” LEDs

Imagine being able to control your lights through your mobile device. With Smart LEDs, you can simply download an App and you won’t even have to stand up to turn the light off. Some Smart LED bulbs even have unbelievable features on them, like speakers and the ability to change colour. So whether you’re relaxing alone or with your friends, your lights are now a part of your entertainment system. Smart LEDs usually connect through Bluetooth and you can connect multiple bulbs to the network to make them easier to control.

LEDs are definitely on top of the list when it comes to light bulbs, especially now when almost everyone is more environmentally conscious. They’re economical, environment-friendly, and with the right features, can turn any home into a relaxing escape.   

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