New eco-friendly LEDs have started to flood the market, and with them come new terms that many consumers don’t understand. But you need not be afraid of these new lights. They’re actually easier to decode then you think. Some A19 LED packaging says “Full Light Distribution,” “360 Light All-Around,” “Balanced Light” or “All Around Light Distribution.” Is this important? Yes. It means that the light-emitted bulb is “omnidirectional” — it goes in all directions and the bulb can be used for both general lighting and task lighting. This distinction was unnecessary with the old incandescents because all of them were omnidirectional. Most of the A19 LEDs have this feature, but not all of them do, so you have to check the packaging. When an A19 LED is not omnidirectional, the light only goes up, illuminating a smaller area. Most homeowners will find this type of LED, which generally costs less, works well for creating “atmosphere” but it’s unsatisfactory for reading and other close work. Continue reading at Washington Post.


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