Light emitting diode (LED) bulbs are one of the most significant developments in lighting technology over the last decade. In light of the growing awareness over climate change, these unsung heroes have helped businesses and homes reduce their energy consumption, helping them save money on their bills.

Although LED bulbs are relatively new, the diodes themselves have actually been around for some time but were mostly used as indicator lights in consumer electronics products. These days, you can find LED light bulbs replacing the common incandescent bulb at any hardware or home improvement store.

What makes them so special? Unlike the common incandescent bulb, LED lights actually use a fraction of the power needed to produce a bright glow. For example, a 9 to 12 watt LED bulb can actually replace the common 60-watt incandescent bulb, generating the same level of lighting intensity. 

Brightness Confusion Many consumers are confused with buying bulbs because we have become so used to looking at the how many watts a bulb uses to know how bright it is. Thankfully, most brands have a conversion chart that can make choosing the right bulb easier.

Another way to know if you picked out the right brightness is by checking the lumens. This is the actual brightness of the bulb and it’s usually indicated on the packaging. Different LED bulbs use a different amount of watts for a certain level of lumens, so you might want to check out a number of brands and their prices before you make your purchase. 

Price Concerns Many consumers become hesitant when it comes to buying LED lights because of their price. When these first came out in the market, they were very expensive so most people couldn’t really afford to switch all the lights to LEDs.

Over the years however, more and more brands started to offer affordable LED lights and competition has definitely helped pull the price down. One should consider them as an investment that can help save both power and on monthly electricity payments.

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