What better way to light up your world than with sunlight? LED developers have made LEDs that can mimic natural sunlight. The blue light emitted by phones, tablets and energy efficient lightbulbs are known to disrupt sleep, but U.S. engineers claim to have developed a solution. Named Drift Light, the LED reduces the amount of blue light that is traditionally emitted from a modern bulb, and also fades to darkness gradually to mimic sunset and even moonlight. By changing light levels slowly, the company claims the $29 (£17) bulb promotes relaxation and increases levels of the sleep hormone melatonin. The Drift Light costs $29 (£17) and reduces the amount of blue light emitted compared to phone screens and other energy efficient bulbs. In Midnight and Moonlight mode, the light gradually fades over the course of 37 minutes, pictured, to mimic a sunset and help people get to sleep naturally. The whole story at the Daily Mail.


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