Imagine being able to go into the water at night on a small boat to see marine life. With an LED lit paddle, you can now have fun paddling out into the water at night. 

Designers have come up with a bright idea - adding LED bulbs to paddles for night sports. US company Torch Paddles spent a year developing the idea, aimed at increasing sports and exploration after sunset. Bright spark David Swanson, designer of the paddles, revealed the paddles take longer to produce due to the technology.

But they are already planning on growing the line of products by adding LEDs to SUP and canoe paddles. He said: 'Paddling helps you find the thing that you treasure, whether that's personal fitness, social bonding or bonding with nature. 'Getting out on the water after work, when the sun is dipping and the atmosphere is perfect, it's mesmerizing how the water appears when it's lit up from below. 

The whole story at dailymail.co.uk.


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