LED Lights get a Wagon-wheel Pasta Shape for Better Glow


New development for OLEDs or organic LEDs might give them a different look. Studies have shown that a wagon-wheel molecule shape emits lights better in random directions. Currently, most OLEDs used in smartphones and flat screen TVs use a more spaghetti-shaped polymer chain, which emits polarized light only. The rotelle-shaped molecule -- known as a "pi-conjugated spoked-wheel macrocycle" -- acts the opposite of polarizing sunglasses, which screen out glare reflected off water and other surfaces and allow only direct sunlight to enter the eyes. The new study showed wagon-wheel molecules emit light randomly in all directions -- a necessary feature for a more efficient OLED, or organic LED. Existing OLEDs now in some smart phones and TVs use spaghetti-shaped polymers -- chains of repeating molecular units -- that emit only polarized light. More on Science Daily.


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