Light therapy has long been used in dermatology as an alternative to surgery. LED light masks are actually making it big as home beauty treatments. 

In January, Jill Addeo, 49, visited the Park Avenue office of Dr. Z. Paul Lorenc, a plastic surgeon, seeking to reduce her hyper-pigmentation and wrinkles from sun damage and aging. As it happened, Dr. Lorenc was testing an over-the-counter device called IlluMask; he is the chief medical and scientific officer for its manufacturer.

While the science is inconclusive, the device promised to rejuvenate aging skin using LED lights. Ms. Addeo, a self-described skeptic of beauty products, agreed to take home the plastic object, which resembles a hockey mask, for a trial run. Two months later, Ms. Addeo was impressed.

The lines around her lips and eyes had softened, she said. She also took home a second mask, which supposedly combats acne with blue and red light, and gave it to her two teenage children to try. Their complexions improved noticeably, she said. 

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