LED Light Bulbs Slowly But Surely Winning the Day


It took more than a bit of convincing, but LEDs are finally getting the attention they deserve. With incandescent bulbs going the way of the dodo, and fluorescent lights disappointing, will LEDs meet expectations? 

As incandescent light bulbs are phased out and fluorescent lights are failing to please everyone, it looks like LED (light emitting diode) bulbs are the new black. In the past five years or so, a variety of LED lights have been selling more than any other kind, according to Sondra Lease, co-owner of Turn-On Lighting in Rio Rancho. 

The reasons: customers find LED light more attractive; LED is more energy-efficient; and the bulbs can be used in chandeliers, drop-down lights, built-in fixtures called cans, and even strips of tape studded with tiny bulbs that create dramatic statements hanging from the ceiling of a dining or living room. 

More from the Albuquerque Journal.


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