LED lights are known to give off a really bright light, which is great when you’re driving. Ford just recently placed new LEDs on their Mondeo, which comes with a sleek cover. 

Vulture at the Wheel Ford has announced its first car with LED headlights. It's a Mondeo, which means that while other high-end cars have had LED lights for a while now, this is the first reasonably priced car which uses the technology. Ford claims its LED headlights provide light equal to Xenon bulbs' performance and last for the lifetime of the vehicle. Because LEDs are very much smaller than traditional bulbs, they can affect the whole design of the front end of a car. Ford is trumpeting the freedom it gives them in design; headlights are often seen as the “eyes” in the “face” of a car, so The Register asked Ford: “With LED lights will future cars go a bit squinty like an Alfa SZ?” We were told: “You already can find that today and we will see a democratization of the LED technology in all segments down to Sub B in the coming years.” More on The

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