LED Company Sengled Looks to Make Light Bulbs Cooler


The era of the Internet of Things is upon us, and one China-based LED lighting company is working at breakneck speed to create their own LED light bulbs with more tech than just artificial light. 

As consumer technology increasingly resembles hardware plucked from "The Jetsons," a host of companies, including Google, General Electric and Samsung, are looking to make everyday appliances as ubiquitous, indispensable—and as cool—as a new Apple device. Count Sengled among those companies. The China-based company is one of several developing LED technology in what analysts at McKinsey estimate will grow into a $108 billion market by 2020. How can a light bulb ever be considered cool? By adding on high-tech attributes such as a Bluetooth speaker and a camera. Sengled, which made $200 million in revenue last year from the technology, has done both. More from CNBC.

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