Whether you love to have guest over for an outdoor party or you just want to spend a lot of time outside doing gardening work, it’s important that you have lights in your outdoor area to keep it safe and looking good. When it comes to outdoor lighting, there are a few things to keep in mind. Below are a few key outdoor lighting that you need to have for your space. 

Trail Lights Walking around in the dark is no fun, especially if you end up stepping on your flowerbeds or losing your keys in the dark. Trail lights are placed next to walkways so you and your guests can see which way to go. There are some sets that you can buy which don’t cost much, or you can get really creative by using tube lights or string lights with LED bulbs. Just make sure they’re capable of standing the outdoors. 

Accent Lighting You can use lights to make your outdoor space look amazing. There are different outdoor lights and even whole lighting systems that you can set up to not only light up the area, but also add some drama to it. Think creative and decorative lighting like lanterns, lamp post, even tiki torches. Novelty lights are also grate for special occasions like the holidays or if you want to us a theme for your outdoor space. Accent lighting adds additional light to the space while completing the look of the design. 

Main Lights These are the lights you usually turn on, even if you keep the others off. It’s important that your main lighting covers most of the outdoor area. To make it more interesting, add a few colored LED light bulbs to give the area more drama. For any comments or questions, contact our customer support hotline.


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