Keeping Yourself Awake with Lights

 Since the invention of the light bulb, people have turned their nights into days, extending work into the wee hours of the night and keeping themselves busy with activities. Night owls, or people who are more active at night, need assistance from lighting to keep themselves concentrated on their task, not to mention working in a brightly lit room is also going to make them more productive. Here are a few tips on keeping yourself more active and awake with lighting

Cool It Down Bulbs, whether the typical incandescent or new LEDs,usually come in two different tones, warm and cool. Warm toned bulbs are they type that have a yellowish tint to their glow. These works better as indoor bulbs, especially for living rooms and dining rooms since they make the space feel more homey and welcome. Cool bulbs are the kinds that have a brighter, bluish tone to them, making them perfect for task oriented spaces like kitchens or offices. They also work great for outdoor lights since they have a “brighter” look to them. 

Task Lighting Helps Keep a light fixture as a task light on your work table or anywhere near you when you’re working. These lights are a big help when it comes to focusing light on tedious tasks, which makes it easier for you to finish it. A table lamp with a moveable neck is a good task light. You can adjust and direct the light from the LED bulbs to any position you want easily with these. 

Blur It Out Don’t let the light be too harsh or it’ll end up irritating your eyes. The lights in the room should be bright, but soft enough that it doesn’t make you feel like you’re glaring at the sun. Opaque lampshades are the best tools for these situations. They let the light out perfectly while defusing it and making it less harsh.

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