The change of brightness in Janesville city’s streets is not just for the holidays. Thanks to the 1,900 LED bulbs, this brightness is going to stay for good. 

JANESVILLE—City streets are becoming a little brighter, and it has nothing to do with the holiday season. The city two weeks ago started converting about 1,900 of its streetlights to light-emitting diode fixtures. That's just less than half of the streetlights in the city, said Dave Lou, the city's facilities manager. Alliant Energy owns and operates the remaining 2,100 lights, Lou said. The conversion from high-pressure sodium fixtures is intended to save money. The LED fixtures are about 50 percent more energy efficient, which should amount to electricity cost savings of about $60,000 a year, Lou said.

The LED fixtures should last about 20 years, which eliminates the need for crews to change bulbs every couple of years. They also burn brighter and create a white light that Lou said results in better visibility. “Our eyes see more in whiter light than they do in yellow light,” he said. The fixtures, however, don't come cheap. The city is spending about $500,000 on LED lights, Lou said. It is getting an $86,000 Focus on Energy rebate for the purchases. 

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