Popular Light Fixtures

Whether it’s a backyard somewhere in the suburbs, or an open space overlooking the city on your apartment, outdoor decorations care a bit tricky to work with. You want to achieve something that looks good and works along with the existing backdrop of your outdoor space. 

Outdoor lighting is used for both decoration and function. They make the space look great and add light to the area. Although these decorative light fixtures are a bit expensive, there are a few DIY tricks that can help you achieve that look without breaking your budget. 

Light Tree LED covered trees have become a real hit recently. These give a wonderful, romantic glow to any space and they’re seldom seen in fancy restaurants and gardens. One of these trees can cut you back a few hundred dollars, which is really expensive.

You can create the same look by buying a metal or plastic tree or create a tree-like structure and wrapping it with sting lights that use LED bulbs. These cost less than half of what these LED trees cost, and you can personalize these to be as big or as small as you want. 

Bulb in a Glass For a more edgy and modern look, bulbs placed inside glass containers and hung from the ceiling have gained a lot of popularity. You can simply make these fixtures by drilling a hole on a mason jar’s cover, big enough to thread a wire in, and then place a light bulb base inside. You can then simply screw on LED light bulbs inside and hang these from the ceiling. 

Light Tracks Light track fixtures can get expensive. A simple alternative is to use mini-lamps that are commonly used in art galleries and museums, and place them on a rack. Install these on the ceiling or place these on the floor and you get yourself and instant light track.

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