Spring is almost here so it’s time for the flowers and plants to start coming back to life. Your party life is also rearing for a comeback, especially if you’re used to having people around for simple backyard parties. Planning the party, you might forget about the lighting. It’s important especially when you’re entertaining during the afternoons or at night for dinner. You don’t have to sacrifice your advocacy of going green just to have a well-lit backyard. Here are a few tips to help you create a fun and well-lit backyard without breaking the bank and keeping it eco-friendly. 

Use your holiday lights Just by using your holiday lights differently outdoors, you can give the space more light. Holiday lights, especially the ones made with LEDs look good around the garden. Create an enchanted look by draping or wrapping the holiday lights around your biggest tree. This makes them look like little fireflies at night. Make the most of your holiday lights and find a few creative ways to use them in your backyard. 

Use outdoor eco-friendly bulbs It might sound impossible to find a bulb that’s both outdoor and eco friendly, but there is such a thing. LEDs are a good choice. They can be used outside since they can survive changes on the humidity level very well. If you’re not sure the bulb you like is outdoor usable, double-check the box or talk to one of the store’s sales person. Another way to keep your bulbs protected from outdoor terrors are lamps or bulb protectors. 

Go Natural Tiki torches and candles, you can never go wrong with these, especially for a tropical or romantic themed party. Tiki torches are very inexpensive and you can find them almost everywhere these days. Buy candles in bulk to save on them. Questions?Comments? Feel free to contact our customer support hotline.


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