Many homeowners want to integrate a nature-based design to their homes, so some of them create indoor gardens where they can plan and grow anything from flowers to vegetables. Indoor gardens are basically greenhouses with the help of lights to let the plants grow happily.

These gardens are also very easy to maintain, and they’re a pleasant surprise to any guest. Below are a few tips on how to set up your indoor garden’s lighting. 

Lights For the Plants Since the plants don’t really get a lot or even no sunlight, it’s important that you place lights above them so they can grow. Check online for the kinds of lights that work best for plant growing. Most of the time, these are colored LED light bulbs that you can get in special gardening supply stores or on the net.

Also, different lights have different effects on plants growth, so choose the one that fits best for the kinds of plants in your indoor garden. 

Decorative Light Don’t forget to place decorative lighting around your indoor garden. You’re probably going to have guest coming into this area so place a few attractive lights here and there to add to the space’s aesthetics. Use colored LED bulbs to add more drama and interest, but don’t put too much color that it makes the area look strange. 

Accent Lighting Be creative, use everything from candles to tiki lights. Accent lights might not give a lot of light to the space, but they really help round up and complete the design, like the cherry on top of the ice cream sundae. You can also use novelty lamps if you’re sticking with a theme for your garden.

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