Indoor and Outdoor Green Lighting

 There are plenty of ways for you to turn your home into an eco-friendly place. Since lighting takes up a huge percent of the power households consume, it’s only natural that homeowners would want to find ways to cut back through their lighting system. Below are a few tips on how you can save power and money with your indoor and outdoor lights. 

Indoor Lights During the day, let some light in by opening your windows and tying your curtains back. It’s free lighting and it’ll make the room look amazing. Replace around 15 of your current bulbs, which are most likely incandescent, with energy efficient bulbs. You can save around 50 to 100 dollars a year. Also, before buying energy friendly lights, make sure that it matches with the other bulbs and light sources in the room. You don’t want to get a bulb that has a different tone or shade as the others. Install dimmers which can help you adjust the brightness of the light and create a different mood for your room. Finally, always make sure that you turn off any light that’s not being used. 

Outdoor Lighting These lights are used for decoration, security and safety. LEDs work nicely for indoor and outdoor lights because they work well in cold weather. Look out for LED lights that you can used as guide lights, step lights, as well as porch and deck lighting. Another benefit of using these bulbs is that they’re not made from glass so they can last longer under outdoor conditions. Timers are a big help for outdoor lighting since you can set a certain time when the bulbs turn on and off. You won’t have to worry about coming home to a dark house since the lights turn on by themselves.

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