Indian Officials Replace Sweets with LED Bulbs as Gift to Employees


Government officials in India are making the interesting choice of swapping sweets with LEDs as traditional gifts to employees. 

The powers that be — at least in the New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) — have finally seen the light. The decision to swap traditional sweets for LED light bulbs as the gift of choice for its employees is a capital idea. Not only would the Rs 94 lakh it reportedly spent last year on sweets for its staff be better spent, at a time when more and more Indians' sugar levels are rising as fast as their electricity bills, there could not be a better way to spread the light about the need to reduce consumption either. Of course, this initiative is obviously part of the PM's push for energy conservation and efficient systems in metros across India, but it is also a fact that tonnes of sweets do go waste every festive season, most often because they go bad before they can be consumed. But light bulbs have the dual advantage of being useful and long lasting, and hopefully, other civic bodies will also follow suit. More from India Economic Times.

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