Important things on Stage Lighting

When it comes to preforming on a stage, one of the biggest factors that can really wow an audience is the lighting. Lighting isn’t just used to give the crowd a clearer view of the performers, but I can also be used to really “set the stage” and give the whole show life.

How the lights move and change plays a really big part of the whole production. It can also set the mood and help the show become a more emotional experience for the audience. Here are the three important stage lights that any stage and production must have.

Background Lighting These are lights that add mood and life to the stage. They’re mainly used for effects so they usually come in a wide variety of colors and tones. They also add playfulness since they can basically be set to any setting. The light director or manager is usually the one that works with these but if it’s a low budget production, the sound managers are the ones who control these lights.

Photographers and videographers also love these lights since they can help fill-out dark areas. LEDs are a great choice for these lights since they give out a brighter light. 

Overhead Lights Think general lighting. These are the lights that are installed on the beams on top of the stage or on the area’s ceiling which illuminates the whole stage. One thing to keep in mind with these lights is that they need to be easy to handle and maintain. Use a long lasting bulb like LED bulbs for overhead lights to save on maintenance. 

Spot Lights A spotlight is needed when you want to highlight a specific person or detail during the show. They help draw the audience’s attention and focus. These need a very strong beam which is easily controlled.

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