Important Light Fixtures you Need for a Stage Set Up

Stage Light Fixtures

Production crews know how important it is to have a stage well lit and have lights to play around. Lighting helps give that wow factor for the audience. It not only gives them a clear view on who’s or what’s on the stage, the lights are also used to give the stage life. Changing and shifting the lights is an important part of the show as much as the acts are.

Whether it’s a small play or a big concert, below are the three most important light fixtures needed for a stage set up.

Spot lights These are used to highlight someone or something on stage. Spotlights give off a very bright light that you can focus on a certain area. This helps draw the crowd’s attention and focus. They can also be used as a special effect when angled correctly. Consider using a spotlight with an LED light bulb that gives of a strong light output. 

Overhead Lights The main lighting system of the stage, these are often placed on a beam above where the stage acts will stand. Since these illuminate the stage the most, they need to have a strong clear light output. Stage designers often place colored films or even colored light bulbs in these light fixtures to give the stage a tint of color. LEDs are a good choice for these because they don’t produce as much heat, which is a big help for the performers on the stage. 

Background Lights For more drama and effects, these lights are perfect for the job. Background lights are placed in the back and they’re basically accent lighting for light technicians and production crew members to play around with. They add more playfulness on stage and give life to the whole setup. They’re also a help for those who are taking photos since they fill out some of the dark spots on the stage.

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