The holidays are still several months away, but that doesn’t mean your Christmas lights have to be kept stored in their box. Put them to good use by following these tips below. 

Use them for creative lighting in your children’s rooms If your child is still at an age where he needs a nightlight during bed time, Christmas string lights are a great solution for this scenario. You can place strings of LED lights on their bedpost, or even use them to create shapes of animals, dinosaurs, airplanes, and what not on walls. You can also get dimmable LED string lights, which allow you to control their brightness with a dimming controller. 

Use them outdoors Christmas lights are a great solution for outdoor lighting. There’s plenty you can do with string lights. You can wrap them around a tree, hang them from tree branches to create a beautiful curtain look, hang them near a pond—your imagination is truly the limit. Should you choose to use Christmas lights outside your home, just be sure to use string lights that are actually safe to use outdoors. The last thing you want is for your lights to burn down your tree or garden. 

Use them to bring focus to furniture Do you want your furniture or other focal pieces in a room to stand out? Use Christmas lights to bring people’s attention to them. If you have a beautiful shelf of books collected over the years, take your string lights and line them on the shelf. You can install use them near your wet bar for a whimsical backlit effect. For more fun ideas on what to do with string lights, check out this guide on Brit+Co. You can also contact the LiquidLEDs customer support team for your questions and inquiries.

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