You don’t have to wait for the holidays to roll in so you can use your holiday lights. It’s amazing how versatile these lights are, especially string lights made with LED bulbs. You can use them to decorate your living room, outdoor area, even your bedroom. You just need to be creative and play around with them to create a one of a kind light décor. Below are a few ideas that can help you use your holiday lights all year round. 

Nightlight for the Kids Instead of getting those plug-in night-lights that can be a bit too pricy, use your holiday lights. Wrap them around the post of your child’s bed or place them on the window or door. You just need some sturdy tape and you can place the holiday lights anywhere. Your kids will also enjoy how they flicker and even keep their room colorful even when it’s dark. 

Outdoor Lighting The best thing about a good bunch of holiday lights, especially the ones with LEDs, is that they can last for a long time and they’re sturdy. You can use them as an outdoor decoration. Drape them over tree branches, wrap them around trees or posts, place them on your doorsteps, you can even use them to light up a walk way so your guests can see where they’re going. 

Light up your Living Room If you have something in your living room that you want to highlight, like a bar or a bookshelf, then use your holiday lights to highlight it and make it stand out from the room’s main décor. A common place to put these lights would be along the side of a counter top or even behind the books of a bookshelf to make it glow. For any comments or questions, contact our customer support hotline.


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