Portable LEDs have undoubtedly flooded the market. Prized for their energy efficiency and power-sipping abilities, these low-power portable light sources (usually coming as flashlights and headlamps) can be found in most hardware and home improvement stores these days. Just what are these portable LED lights for and what can you do with them? Below are a few ideas. 

Outdoor Lighting Since these are small and compact, you can place them along walkways to guide your guest during parties and get together. Common outdoor walkway lighting calls for those special light fixtures where a hole is dug next to the walkway and the bulbs are placed inside. Instead of spending thousands on those light fixtures, you can just place these bulbs on the side and it’ll light up the way perfectly.

Emergency Lights You might think that these lights are too small to light up an area, but you can actually use them to warn or inform people that you’re there. Say for example your car breaks down in the middle of the highway. You’ll want to tell the other drivers that you’re there to avoid getting into an accident. Place these on the top of your car or on the road and your good to go. LED bulbs are very bright and easy to notice.

Decorative Lights Place these lights on tables, the floor, shelves, anywhere you want to jazz up. Some of these compact LED bulbs are also made to mimic candles so you can definitely use them for a romantic evening or an outdoor party. Give these lights to your kids and let them decorate their own room with it. You can also place these outside and hang them on trees to give them a bit of extra sparkle. Another decorative idea of these little light bulbs is to turn them into a chandelier. Look for a candelabra or something that can hold 5 of more of these bulbs and arrange them anyway you like. LiquidLEDs also carries a range of small LED lights fit for portable applications. Feel free to contact our customer support hotline at 1800 744 706for assistance.


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