Many of us bring our jobs with us home. Either we need to do some extra work or we actually work at home. Workloads like these can be a bit difficult, especially if you’re easily distracted. Since you’re at home, you have the TV, pets, kids, chores and other things that could delay your workload. Here are a few tips to keep you concentrated on your task. 

No to dim lights It doesn’t matter whether you work at an office or at home, working under dim lights are a big no. you can’t see properly and you become sleepy. Another thing is that dim lights irritate your eyes especially when you’re reading something. It’s best to keep a good amount of light in the room while you’re working. If you’re current bulb’s a bit too dim, try using energy friendly bulbs like LEDs. These give out a lot of light and use less power. 

Task lights help Another way to use lights to keep your concentration is by using task lighting. These are basically lights that you can point or position to help you see better. They’re a big help with desktops especially when you’re reading or using the computer. Task lighting also helps with tedious jobs that require a lot of hand and eye coordination. Some task lights, like table lamps, actually come with a magnifier which is a big help for reading and working. Go for cool tones LEDs when using task lights since these give out a more “clear” light.

Keep away from colored and moving lights If you don’t want to be distracted, try to stay away from colored light bulbs and moving lights like holiday lights. These can get very distracting and would even get your attention. Turn them off or put the away so you’ll have no distractions. For any comments or questions, contact our customer support hotline.


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