Many of us keep 9-to-5 jobs where we sit in front of a computer working away all day long. What several business leaders and office workers don’t appreciate is just how much power is wasted every day because of the little things we miss to check in the office. Since we spend a lot of time at work, we should also be aware of the little things that we can do to become more eco-friendly

Switch to energy friendly bulbs If you really want to do your part in saving power, and even saving on your monthly utility bill, consider changing all the lights at the office with eco-friendly or power friendly lights. These are very easy to find nowadays and they have all kinds of replacements for different light bulb watts. These bulbs use about 90% less power compared to incandescent bulbs and even last longer. You not only save on power, you also save on maintenance. Check out different kinds of LED light bulbs that suits your office or business lighting need. 

Place reminders It’s a good idea to place reminders near switches, wash rooms, and pantries about saving energy and going green. Place a picture about garbage segregation near the trash bins, a small reminder near the light switch about turning it off, and a picture near the faucet about saving water. These are just little ways to help everyone become more aware and conscious about being green at the office. 

Double check everything before you go Someone needs to be tasked to check the lights and the AC system before leaving the work area. These are the most common things left unnoticed and they could end up consuming a lot of electricity and no one is actually even using them. For comments and questions on which LEDs to use for office lighting, feel free to contact our customer support hotline.


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