Pool Romantic Lighting

Owning a big back yard with a swimming pool usually means that you spend a lot of time with your friends and family in it. All those fun summer parties where everyone just lounges around the pool and have some food to eat. But owning a pool isn’t all just for the fun times in the water. You can also use it as a beautiful accent for your landscaping with lights for a romantic ambience. Here are a few tips on pool and outdoor lighting which can turn any swimming pool area to a romantic getaway. 

Use colored lights Sure you can get the regular, white colored underwater LED bulbs for your pool, but to give it more drama an effect, install colored light bulbs under the water. Submersible light bulbs now come in all different colors that you can play around with. Give your swimming pool a beautiful and colorful glow with these and it will certainly make the water look magical. 

Float a few candles You can purchase a pack of these inexpensive candles at a dollar shop and let them float on the water. You will need to clean them up after though, but if you want to make a night to remember, go the extra mile. You can use pool floaters to help with the cleanup, or even battery powered candles which are also fairly inexpensive as well. Just make sure you’re very careful when you place them in the water with the floaters so they don’t get wet. 

Use your holiday lights No one would expect to see these out in the middle of summer. if you invested on a good set of holiday lights with LED light bulbs, then you can even use them for a long time outside. Wrap or drape them around a tree to give it a enchanted look. Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact our customer support hotline.


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