Lighting for Make-Up ApplicationsSpending hours in the bathroom doing your make-up and realizing that it actually looks bad when you step outside is a common frustration for many women. Unfortunately, how your make-up looks under a light bulb is different from how it looks under natural sunlight. Fortunately, there are a few tricks you can do to help manage this situation. Below are a few. Use a bulb with a wide light spectrum If your bathroom light bulb gives out that yellowish hue when lit up, it’s best to replace that with a different bulb. Dull, yellow toned lights are good for a few things, like to help set a relaxing mood to an area, but not for make-up. You’ll want to use a bulb that can give you a full spectrum of colors, like sunlight. Some bulbs, like certain LED light bulbs, place indicators like “natural tone” or “sunlight” on the packaging. High CRI bulbs are the Best The CRI or color rendering index is used to measure how accurate colors look like under a certain light. Basically, it’s used to rate light on how red the color red looks under it. This is important when you’re doing your makeup since it makes the colors more visible and vivid. Currently, sunlight or natural light has the highest CRI rate, but there are bulbs that come pretty close to it in the ratings. Check a few LED bulbs for their CRI rate or try a few out to check the light quality. Open a window The truth is nothing beats good old natural sunlight. Open a window or try to do your make-up somewhere near one. Some people would still turn their lights on even when the sunlight coming from the windows is enough to light up the whole room just to make sure they have enough light. For questions and inquiries, feel free to contact our customer support hotline.

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