How to Save when Buying LED Light Bulbs

How to Save when Buying LED Light Bulbs

One of the major reasons people hesitate to switch to LED light bulbs is their substantially higher price. There’s no denying that most LEDs are noticeably more expensive than conventional incandescent or fluorescent lamps and bulbs—at least for now. However, it’s important to think of an LED-lit household as an investment, one that ultimately pays for itself thanks to the savings brought about by their energy efficiency. Here are a few ways you can save money when transitioning to LED lighting

Buy LED bulbs in bulk There’s no denying the fact that buying in bulk makes most purchases less expensive. It’s either you get discounts from a bulk purchase, or buy the bulbs at their wholesale price, so they end up being cheaper compared to buying them individually. An average home needs about 10 to 15 light bulbs, so if you buy your LEDs all at once, you might very well get a special price. 

Opt for smaller brands Several up-and-coming brands have special introductory prices and promos for their launching, making them a worthwhile option for consumers. Although you might think larger brands are more reliable, this is not the case with LED lighting, with many smaller brands producing their own excellent product lines. 

Test before buying more If you’re still having second thoughts about switching to LEDs, you can test a few lights for a month or two to assess their performance. Swap out the lights that you commonly use, like the ones in the kitchen, living room or hallway, with LEDs and monitor how much power you’re using. You’ll see dramatic results in the first month that you’ll definitely want to change all your lights to LEDs. For a more comprehensive LED buyer’s guide, go to this guide at Shrink That Footprint. You can also contact the LiquidLEDs customer support team for tips and ideas.

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