Although LED bulbs have gained a lot of popularity over the years, a number of consumers still avoid them because of their price. Yes, these bulbs are comparably more expensive compared to other bulbs in the market like florescent lights, and even other power saving bulbs like CFLs. But considering how much you get to save on maintenance and power cost, switching to LED lights is the best investment you can make for home utility. Below are a few tips on how you can save money when shifting to LED lights. 

Compare Prices If it’s your first time buying LED lights, it’s best that you know what choices you have. Take some time checking different stores and light bulb brands so you have a comparison of different prices and quality. Some new brands offer their products for a lesser price without sacrificing quality, so don’t just stick with popular light bulb brands that might charge more for the same quality. 

Bulk Price You can actually save a lot of money when you buy things in bulk, including light bulbs. Stores and brands often offer their products for a lesser price when you buy multiple items, so take advantage of this. A common 2 bedroom usually has around 10 to 15 bulbs and replacing them one by one is going to be pricy. Instead, just buy in bulk or purchase one of those light bulbs set and save money. 

Go Online The best prices are actually not found in stores, but online. Online shopping has dominated consumers, making purchasing easy and simple. You can find a lot of affordable prices online, even for LED light bulbs. Do your research and look for a legit and reputable site. Check forums and customer reviews about the products and services, and when you’re happy, purchase the bulbs and have them delivered directly to your home.


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