Expensive Looking Lighting

Everyone wants to have a home that looks like it came from a home and lifestyle magazine. Most of the time, furniture and lights that are elegant and fancy looking would cost thousands, but you can actually get this look without spending too much money. You just need to pick the right bulb and add a bit of creativity.

Below are a few tips on how to get expensive looking light fixtures for less. Colored Stones Want to add some color to your lights without using a colored light bulb? Consider using clear, colored stones to help reflect the light in different colors. Gems and colored stones are not really that expensive if you get them in bulk, especially if they’re manmade.

You can usually find these at craft stores or specialty shops. You can also use these stones along with string lights made with LEDs to give the space a nature-inspired look. Crystals Nothing says elegance better than crystals. Forget about the Swarovski kind, you can buy inexpensive synthetic ones from a crafts store or even online.

Crystals are grate to use for hanging lights or ornaments. You can even make your own chandelier using these and some kind of structure as a base. You can also use them for your outdoor area. Hang them from a tree with LED bulbs for a magical and romantic effect.

Statement Lamps These lamps are one of a kind and stand out in any room. Think of a lamp that has a very unique look to it, something that’s totally unexpected and can turn into a conversation starter.

Try to find a unique looking lamp at a thrift shop or a garage sale. Most of the designs and stocks from home improvement stores are too common and boring. You can also go online and look for light fixture designers who are into experimenting with different designs.

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