Keeping your outdoor lights safe is a big concern, what with rain, heat, and snow all threatening to ruin them. Needless to say, you don’t want to keep on changing the lights because of damage. Damaged light bulbs can also be reasons for safety hazards. It’s important to keep your outdoor area well lit, but everyone’s safety should be top priority. Here are a few tips on how you can keep your outdoor light bulbs protected. 

Use outdoor friendly bulbs First, you need to make sure that your bulbs are actually outdoor friendly. Some bulbs are only suitable for controlled environments and are easily damaged with temperature changes and moisture. You’ll need bulbs that can stand against the weather, wear and tear and water. Before buying a light bulb, read the package and find more information about it. Some light bulbs makers indicate on the package if the bulbs are outdoor friendly. You can also ask the sales person if the bulb will work for outdoor lighting. Try a few types like LED light bulbs or any other new, replacement bulbs. 

Keep them covered It’s best if you have your outdoor lights protected. You can find a number of covers and protectors for outdoor lighting at any hardware or home improvement store. These are usually made out of metal and glass but some designers are becoming more creative and are integrating different materials. Just try not to get ones that are too thin since these could break down easily. 

High and dry Water is one of the things that can destroy any light bulb, even LEDs. That’s why it’s crucial to keep all your outdoor lighting raised and covered so they don’t get wet. Try to place them somewhere elevated like on a platform or you can try those outdoor light casings actually seal in the bulbs so water doesn’t leak into them. Questions?Comments? Feel free to contact our customer support hotline.


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