Light a Room

Many people don’t really give much thought to a room’s lighting. Some just install a single light bulb and think that it’s enough to light up the whole area. A room’s lighting system can actually make the most out of the space. It can make it look bigger, cleaner and the right amount of light can help people become more productive. Below are a few tips on how you should properly light a room. 

The math You can actually know how much light you need by getting the space’s area. For example, you have a 10ft by 15ft space. Multiply 10 by 15 and you have an area of 150sq.ft. The formula to find the right amount of light is to multiply the area by 1.5. So that’s 150 multiplied by 1.5 is 225. This means that the space needs 225 watts for a good amount of light. But be careful when you purchase light bulbs. If you consider LEDs, they might be measured in lumens which are the actual light output. Check the bulb’s equivalent to regular incandescent of florescent bulbs to calculate it correctly. 

Use different light sources Table lamps, floor lamps, accent lighting, these are just a few examples of other light resources that you can use. Besides the main lighting system of the room, you might want to make it look a bit dimmer for a more relaxed feel. With other light sources, you can add or minimize the amount of light in the room. 

Spread the light out Try not to place all your light sources in one area, especially with LED light bulbs. Spread them out so the light is equally distributed. For task lights like reading lamps, place them near the area where you’ll be sitting or working. Most of the time, you’ll only turn this on when you need to so it just stays off. For further comments and questions, feel free to contact our customer support hotline.


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