Living Room Lighting Minimize Eyestrain when Watching TV

 Watching our favorite shows or movies on the TV might be relaxing, but you run the risk of having eyestrain, especially if you watch the telly for prolonged periods. Below are a few tips on how you can lessen eyestrain while enjoying TV time. 

Give Proper Lighting to the Room Keep your room well-lit. If you’re after a theater effect, use a dimmer to adjust the brightness, but still keep some kind of light source on. Try out a few LED bulbs that work very well with dimmers. 

Lower the TV’s Brightness Although most of us would think that the brighter the TV is, the better it is for our eyes. However, the opposite is actually truer. If the TV is a bit too bright, it can affect the whole room’s lighting. You’re going to look at two different levels of light which can get really annoying and irritating to the eyes. The lower brightness will also help with any sudden flashes which might glare your eyes. 

Lower it’s Contrast As Well By lowering its contract levels, you can bring the brightness and colors closer together. This way, your eyes will need to re-adjust less to what it sees. Although you might not notice a big change especially when you’re watching in the dark, however it does make some difference. 

Sit Away from the Screen Our parents have properly told us a million times and again to not sit in so close to the screen, and they have a good reason why. Focusing on a thing that’s very close to us can cause a lot of strain in our eyes after some time. Keep a good distance away from the TV and sit on a comfortable couch or chair instead. 

Keep Low Lighting Again, it’s better to have some kind of lighting instead of completely turning off all the lights in the room when you watch TV. Add a few small lamps with warm LED light bulbs around the room to give it a nice, homey glow.

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