How to Make your Home Look Expensive with Lights

Home Look Expensive with Lights

Most of us can’t afford to buy those massive light fixtures that cost more than everything in the living room combined, or that designer lamp that’s most likely going to stay in one corner of the room.

However, making our homes look like a page from a home and lifestyle magazine doesn’t have to cost much. In fact, with the tips below, you can give your home a stylish look without breaking the bank. 

Add a Chandelier Chandeliers are known to be luxurious and fancy. A few hundred years ago, only the rich could afford these lavish light fixtures made with crystals and precious stones. These days, you can easily get a chandelier for less at a home and furniture depot or even at a garage or yard sale. You can even make one yourself if you’re creative enough. You just need the base and some man-made crystals which don’t cost much and your imagination. Hang the chandelier in the living room or on the top of the stairway and it’ll automatically give the space some life. 

Black and White Clean and simple, elegant and classic, you can never go wrong with black and white fixtures. You can use these in almost any design and jazz it up by pairing it with something that’s colorful like a stand or even tinted LED light bulbs. Just don’t overuse the color scheme since it can get boring. 

Metal Fixtures Metal light fixtures, like table or floor lamps and even candelabras, are elegant and expensive to look at. They usually have little details and patterns that make them seem more interesting. Pair these off with some nice warm-toned LED bulbs and you have a great table lamp that you can use as task or accent lighting.

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