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Not all of us are lucky enough to own an office. We just have a small desk where we can place our computers, reading materials and papers to work with. It might be a small space, but we call it our own. When at work, your little personal space can actually be altered to become more efficient.

This helps you a lot in getting things done before your deadline and it keeps you on track of things. Here are a few tips on how to turn your desk from messy to effective. 

Keep your Space Organized Some people say they work better with “organized chaos”, which is a term used to explain how some people still know where a certain object is (like a pen or a specific documents), even when it’s under a pile of clutter.

However, keeping your space organized will not only make it look more presentable, it’s also going to be a big time saver since you know exactly where the item you need is found. Get organizers and shelves for your desk and use a filing system that makes sense. 

Lighting Helps The office might be bright enough, but keeping a table lamp can also be a good idea. Task lights are important especially when you need to keep a certain spot well-lit, like when you’re working on something tedious. Have a lamp that works with LED bulbs handy on your desk since these give out a nice, bright light. 

Jazz it Up If you’re allowed to do so, make your space totally unique and let it reflect your personality. Add some colorful trinkets, pictures, stickers and cut-outs, even those whimsical figurines or accessories with the battery powered LED light bulbs inside them. It’s a nice feeling to know that you have a space you can feel at ease and free, even if it’s just a desk at the office.

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