Make backyard interesting with lighting


Want to entertain guests outdoors? Well, you’ll have to jazz up your backyard with a few pieces of furniture and good lighting. Outdoor lights help make the space look presentable, besides its main function of illuminating the area and keeping everyone safe. After all, you don’t want people to trip while at a party in your place.

Below are a few lighting ideas to make your backyard more interesting. 

Strings Attached Make interesting outdoor lights with decorative D.I.Y lanterns and hang them from one end of the space to the other. Make them yourself with paper or you can even recycle old glasses and bottles and turn them into an interesting lamp. Use outdoor safe LEDs since these don’t heat up as much as other bulbs do, which makes them less of a fire hazard. 

Modern Fixtures There are a number of modern designs for outdoor lighting fixtures available in most home and garden depot shops. You can find unique and strange light fixtures when looking for modern pieces. These come in very playful designs, shapes and sizes that can give your outdoor space an interesting look. They also make great conversation pieces. 

Texture If you’re lucky enough to have a house made with textured material like stone or your walls have interesting patters to them, show them off by adding light next to the walls. They’ll illuminate them and make them really stand out and noticeable. You can even use colored LED bulbs to really make them pop out. 

Color it Up Speaking of color, colored bulbs can make any boring space look lively and interesting. Just don’t use colors that clash and make sure to defuse the light to make it less harsh on the eyes. Add colored bulbs with regular light bulbs for a hint of color.

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