one bulb lighting

Many of us live in small dorm rooms or spaces that only have one light bulb socket. Most of the time, this is enough to light up the space, but sometimes, it’s just not enough.

Good lighting is important especially if we need to have things done like school work or bring-home tasks from our jobs. Below are a few tips on how you can make the most of your lighting situation with just one bulb. 

Use a Bright Bulb Since you only have one bulb to work with, you’re going to need a bright bulb to illuminate the whole area. Back then, you’d need to check how many watts a bulb has to know how bright it is. However these days, it’s better to just look at the lumens, or the measure of brightness, on the bulb.

You can find bulbs like LEDs which use lets watts to produce a high lumens count. These bulbs are power friendly and are a big help when you want to cut back on the electricity bill. Ask a sales person or look for a chart that indicates which LED light can replace a regular 100 watt or brighter incandescent bulb. 

Cool Bulbs are “Brighter” Bulbs generally come in two different tones, cool and warm. Warm bulbs give out that yellowish light while cool bulbs have a more bluish tone to them.

Technically, these bulbs give out the same brightness, but cool toned bulbs give a more “brighter” looking light. Since we associate brightness with activeness, cool toned bulbs are ideal since they can actually help keep people feeling active. Warm tones help give the space a more relaxing feel so they’re better for areas that we link to rest like bedrooms. The best cool toned bulbs to choose from are LED bulbs and other new power saving bulbs.

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