How to Make Rooms Look Larger with Light and More


There’s nothing fun or exciting about small rooms. They’re cramped, uncomfortable, and if you have too much stuff, easy to make a mess in.

Fortunately, there are several design moves you can make that trick your eyes into thinking a room is much larger and spacious than it really is; this can range from using specific colors, arranging furniture in a certain way, and of course, lighting.

Colours Light colors like light creams and cool blues are some of the few colours that can really make a room look brighter and larger. The trick is creating an illusion, and light colours have a proven effect of making small spaces look larger. Conversely, dark colours have an opposite effect. 

Furniture Furniture is what takes up the most space in a room. To prevent this problem, you can do the following: Use multi-function furniture pieces. A bed can have storage space under the mattress, or you can turn to sofa beds altogether. You can use a chest with a flat top for your center table.

Furniture can also be placed against the walls to free up space in the middle. When acquiring furniture, always consider the size of your room; while you’re at it, you might want to consider swapping your existing furniture for new smaller pieces. 

Lighting You’ll be surprised by how much light can open up a room and make it look larger. If you have windows, avoid using heavy drapes, which only block the sunlight. You want as much light coming in as possible during the day—this makes a room appear brighter. Worried about the bad view?

Place hanging plants or flowers by the window. For your artificial lighting, use several light sources at once to create a larger space. Start with recessed lights, accent lights for interesting focal points in the room, and task lighting. Make sure all of these are lit using LEDs so you can save power. For tips and ideas on expanding a small room, go to this page.

You can also call the LiquidLEDs support team for tips and tricks on your artificial lighting.


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