Light Fixtures Child and Pet friendly

Many of us live in homes with kids and pets running around and playing. As parents, it’s important that you ensure the whole house is safe, especially since kids and pets are curious and might get their hands or paws into trouble. One of the most overlooked items would be light fixtures. Lamps and bulbs could fall and break, which could lead to someone getting hurt. Here are a few tips to help keep your lights child and pet safe. 

Organize the Wires If you have wires all over the place, your kids might trip on them or worst, your pets might chew them off. The best thing to do is to place them inside one of those wire organizers. You can just thread the wires in and the cover protects and organizes them. it also keeps your floors look less messy. 

Use LED Lights You can find these in most hardware shops these days. They’re a bit expensive than regular bulbs but they come with a number of benefits. First, they’re power friendly, meaning you can save on energy if you use these. They also last longer than most bulbs and they’re easy to recycle. The best thing about these LED light bulbs is that they don’t heat up. This makes it safer for kids and pets since they won’t burn themselves if they accidentally hit or touch the bulb. 

Avoid Glass or Ceramic Shades Although glass lampshades look beautiful, they’re a big hazard around children and animals. If they fall and break, you’ll have glass shards from the lampshade and the light bulb to worry about. Stick with fabrics or natural materials like wood and fiber. You should also try to avoid metal light fixtures since they could have sharp edges and tips.


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