Holiday Lighting Safe for Babies

With the holidays fast approaching, many people around the world are preparing for the yuletide season as early as now. Gone are the days when incandescent Christmas lights reigned supreme in households around the worldwide. Today, LEDs are slowly gaining prominence as the best solution for Christmas string lights. While it’s true that LED string lights are far safer than its predecessors, it still pays to keep things safe, especially around the young ones. 

Place Them Somewhere Elevated Instead of a big tree, get a tabletop tree to hang your lights on. It’s smaller and you can place it far from the kids’ reach. Try to place your tree on top of a platform so your child can’t easily reach them. Kids love shiny things, so placing them out of their reach should be your main priority. 

Be Mindful of the Materials You should always check what your holiday decorations are made out of. You child might place these in their mouth. There could be a chance that they could contain toxic chemicals. Not only do these pose a threat of them getting poisoned, they could also choke small pieces and parts of the decorations. Try to stick with LED light bulbs for your holiday lights instead of CFLs. CFLs contain a small about of mercury which makes it potentially dangerous and difficult to dispose. 

Fire Hazard Try to stay away from using any decorations that involves fire or heats up while you’re using it. Instead of roasting chestnuts on an open fire, bake cookies and cakes. Candles and fireplaces are off limits. If you really need to use them, keep the kids far away from them. Before going to sleep, make sure all the holiday decorations are off. 

Keep Caps on Power Plugs Many of us have bad memories as children being electrocuted by touching a power plug. We don’t want the same to happen to our kids, especially since we’ll be using a lot of power plugs and extension cords during the holidays. Buy a few covers and protectors to keep their little hands safe. For comments and questions, feel free to contact our customer support hotline.


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