How to make Food more Appealing with Lights

Food and Lighting

Whether you’re a photographer taking a few shots for a menu or a restaurant owner who wants to give customers the most of their dining experience, it’s important to remember that lighting has a big effect on how appealing food looks like.

And since we sometimes eat with our eyes, meaning how food looks affects how we think it’ll taste like, everything must look good. Here are some tips to help you achieve the best light for food presentation. 

Keep the Space Well-Lit The more well-lit the area is, the better. Well-lit doesn’t necessary mean you have to install the brightest light bulbs you can find. A well-lit space just has enough light were the food is seen clearly and people can appreciate the presentation.

For dim-lit situations like romantic dinners, candlelight is a big help. If you’re really not into using real candles and fire, battery powered LED light bulbs that mimic the flicker of candles can also do the trick. 

Cool vs. Warm Bulbs Light bulbs usually come in two tones, warm and cool. Cool bulbs work best when presenting food since they give a nice, sharp and bright white light. But for a comfortable looking atmosphere, warm bulbs are the way to go. You can actually use cool toned bulbs to present food, like in buffet lines, as task lights, but never mix both warm and cool toned bulbs in the main lighting. 

High Rating on the CRI The CRI or color rendering index helps you differentiate which bulbs actually give a more accurate color when illuminating things under it. To simply put, how red is the color red under the light of a certain light bulb. Most new energy friendly bulbs actually rate high in the CRI, meaning you get to save money on electricity and get a good looking presentation when using them.

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