Yard Lighting

Now that the holidays are coming in, you’re probably planning to add some life to your outdoor area with decorations and lighting. Choosing the right lights can make or break your space. It’s important that you choose just the right ones and don’t over-do your decorations.

However, holiday lighting alone can get pretty boring. Here are a few ways to jazz up your outdoor lighting system without really overdoing it. 

Add Some Music It’s amazing what you can do with decorative lights these days. Some systems will actually allow you to synchronize the lights with music, making them move along the sound. You can even change the different patterns and mix and match different types of light bulbs to make the most of your design.

LED bulbs are perfect for this job since they’re easy to set up and they can work with almost any type of lighting system

Colored Lights Don’t just use plain old white and blue lights; try using bulbs with different colors. LED light bulbs come in a wide array of colors, which is perfect for the holidays. You can use individual colored bulbs or get them in sets. They also work great as highlighters in gardens if you have ornamental plants or trees that you want to highlight. 

Use different sizes and shapes The best thing about light bulbs nowadays is that they come in all different sizes and shapes. The classic light bulb shape are great for elegant-themed outdoor areas while spirals and tubes can be used for a more modern look.

You can even find lights in bendable tubes that be wrapped around trees and post, or even the classic string lights that can be draped over tree branches.

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