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 Some of us are lucky enough to have a big space at home that we can turn into a home theater. Considering that we can get a brand new or even a slightly used projector and a few yards of white cloth for a few hundred dollars, we can stay home and spend time watching movies with our friends and family.

Now, if you’ve already spent a lot on the sound system, you might want to find ways to cut cost. Here are a few tips on how can manage the lights in your theater room or space with little cost. Work with What you have Don’t be attracted to get those expensive home theater light set-ups.

They might come with newer light technology like LEDs, but they can cost a lot, plus you might need to have it installed by a tech which is going to add up to the cost. Instead, just work with what’s already with you. Thick Curtains If your theater room or space has a window, you might want to invest on some really thick curtains to cover them and give the room a dim look.

Some people would even use a number of curtains and layer them to make sure they block out most of the light coming into the window. Other would also add some inexpensive rolling blinds to cover the window then place the curtains over them. Adjustable Light There are many ways for you to be able to adjust the amount of light your light bulb gives out but most would prefer to use dimmers, which as knobs that you can integrate into the lighting system.

When choosing one, you need to make sure it works with your light, especially if it’s an LED light bulb. Check the dimmer’s specifications to be sure. For further assistance, comments and questions, contact our customer support hotline.


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