Meditation Area Lighting

 Meditation is one of the best ways to reduce stress and help us focus our minds. A lot of people even set up a small area in their home where they can just meditate and relax. Here are a few tips to help you set up the lighting for your meditation area. 

Dimmers Many of us feel more at ease to meditate in a dim-lit room. The low light helps us feel more relaxed and concentrated in easing our minds. Dimmers are knobs that are installed to your lighting systems which let you adjust how bright your light bulbs are. These are relatively inexpensive to get, but you’re going to need an electrician to install it to the lighting system. There are a number of brands offering these dimmers in most hardware stores, and they’re compatible to all kinds of lights, even LEDs. 

Candles Candles and meditation go hand in hand. Some people would even just use candles to light their mediation area. Candle light is very relaxing and it also gives a nice effect to the space. Pick out candles in different colors and even scents that appeal to you. Scatter them in different spots or pile them up in a small candle altar or table. If you’re afraid of fire hazards or don’t want to bother with the hassle of watching over your candles and making sure they don’t get wax all over the place, you can use battery powered ones with LED light bulbs that mimic candle light. These even flicker to give the illusion of real fire from candles. 

Warm Lights Warm light bulbs are more relaxing to the eyes. They can help make you feel comfortable and calm, plus they give out a really nice yellow toned light which makes the atmosphere look really homey. For questions and comments, you can contact our customer support hotline.


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