Light Large Outdoor Spaces

Illuminating buildings, statues, and other huge structures outdoors can be a big challenge. Normal light bulbs don’t generate enough light to illuminate large spaces, so special light solutions like halogens and sodium lamps have to be used. Unfortunately, these high power lighting systems have a high operating cost. While it may seem that minimising the costs of lighting without compromising brightness is impossible, there are ways to find a compromise. Here are a few tips on saving both money and power while maintaining good lighting coverage on your outdoor spaces. 

Go for LED light bulbs Energy efficient bulbs like light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs are designed for all sorts of lighting applications, from residential, commercial, to even industrial purposes. LEDs not only offer superior energy savings, consuming less energy but maintaining the same lumen output, they also last longer and are sturdier, perfect for outdoor environments. 

More lumens, the better It used to be that to light up large outdoor spaces, you’d have to get several bulbs and combine their lumen output. With today’s new bulbs, however, that’s no longer an issue, what with single bulbs generating more light than ever. So, go for lights with higher lumen ratings—lumens refers to the measure of light as perceived by the human eye. Halogen lamps are currently the most popular choice for outdoor lighting due to their brightness and enhanced efficiency over ordinary incandescent bulbs, but if you want the best, go for LEDs

Monitor your outdoor lighting system Prevention is the best way to reduce your outdoor lighting system’s maintenance costs. If you see a burned out bulb or wires that need change, replace or have the fixed right away. Procrastinating on maintenance may lead you to have higher operating expenses, or worse, an accident. For questions on LiquidLEDs’ range of outdoor lighting solutions, contact our customer support hotline.


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