Resting Lounge Lighting

Some businesses and establishments, especially those operating 24/7, offer their employees and members a resting lounge where they can get some rest. This is usually a room with bunk beds or large comfortable seats and relaxing lighting. It’s an area that offers a quick getaway for most of the employees who feel like they need to take a break. So how should the lighting be like in this room? Here are a few pointers. 

Dim is Good Although sleeping on the job isn’t a good thing, some would really use their 15 minute break for a powernap. People come to this room to sleep, so dim lighting is the best way to go. Either have low powered LED bulbs installed in the room or have a dimmer wired up to the main lighting system. Others would just totally keep the lights closed but it’s best to keep some lights on. You can have a few wall mount lights installed to keep some brightness. 

Warm Tones Work Best In the office or work area, you’d want it to be very well lit and bright. But here, the lighting should be relaxing to the eyes. It’s best to use a warm toned light bulb. Most offices have cool toned bulbs, or bulbs with a bright “blue” hue to them, which actually helps with productivity. Warm toned bulbs are the opposite. They give out a yellowish light that’s relaxing to the eyes. You can get these bulbs anywhere now and even new, replacement bulbs like LEDs have them. 

Blinds for the Windows During the day, it might be too bright inside the resting lounge. Blinds are the perfect solution and they don’t cost a lot. Just have these installed on the windows and everyone inside can have a relaxing break. Curtains are also an option, but they’re more hassle to maintain. Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact our customer support hotline.


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