How to keep your Dog’s Safe from Lighting

Dog’s Safe from Lighting

Dogs often spend a lot of time running around a yard, even when it’s dark out. However, these curious creatures often end up in a lot of trouble because of their curiosity, especially when it comes to bright shiny things like lawn ornaments and lighting. To keep your dog and your lighting safe, here are a few tips. 

Cover your Outdoor Lights To stop your dogs from actually getting their paws on the bulbs, you can place them inside a casing. There are different types of casings for outdoor lights that will work with any design or theme. The most common ones are made with metal, but try going online or go window shopping for alternatives. The casings can also help tone down the sharpness of the light and give it a more defused output. 

Mind the Heat A number of bulbs give out an amount of excess heat when being used. This heat is actually enough to cause burns, and if your dog would ever come in contact with these bulbs, it might end up hurting itself. Check out bulbs like LEDs which don’t contain the filament which causes regular bulbs to heat up. Since they don’t heat up, LED lights are also safer and they’re eco-friendly. The energy they use doesn’t get wasted in producing excess heat. 

Train your Dog not to Go near Them One of the best ways for you to help your dog avoid any accidents with outdoor lights is to train them. Teach them that the lights, especially ground lights, are not toys and that they should leave them alone. You need to be patient with them and take your time in training them. Even when you’re using safer lights like LED light bulbs, you can’t be too careful.

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