How to Keep your Dogs Away from your Lights

Owning a pet dog and keeping it indoors may be a bit of a hassle. Although they don’t mean it, they often end up tipping things over and breaking them, especially when it comes to floor and table lamps. They bump into them making the lamps fall off, some chew on the cord, others think that the tassels on the lamps are toys and would jump up to try to get it. Below are a few tips on how you can stop your dog from damaging your lamps and keep them safe as well.

Organize your cords Your dog’s chewing on your lamps cord is a huge problem. It not only destroys the lamp, but it can also place your dog in danger of electrocution. One way for you to stop them from chewing on the cords is to organize them. If you have multiple lamps, tie the cords in a bundle so they don’t messily scatter on the floor. You can find a tube-like housing that you can slip on to the lamps cords so the dog doesn’t get to it.

Use LED Lights Not only are these light energy efficient bulbs, but they’re also safer to use when you have pets at home. Unlike other bulbs, LED lights don’t heat up and are often made with plastic. They’re not a burn hazard and your pets are safe if they get too close to it. These bulbs also won’t shatter easily, in case your dog ever does tip the lamp over. No to Dangling Details Even when you train your dog to not jump up on your lamps, some of them might still think that dangling details, like tassels, are toys and would try to play with them. As much as possible, avoid lamps with LEDs that have hanging accessories or details.

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