“Spa” Lights

When we go home, we want to feel relaxed and comfortable. However, there are little things in our houses that just make it impossible to relax. You should give some time to think about making a space for yourself where you can just retreat and unwind. It could be your bathroom or your bedroom, somewhere you can turn into a space with the ambiance of a spa. Once you picked out a spot, here are a few ways on how to illuminate it for that relaxing and soothing atmosphere. 

Use Warm Toned Bulbs When you pick out a light bulb, you get to choose between warm and cool tones. Cool tones give out a bright bluelish light while warm tones have a more yellowing light to it. Warm toned bulbs are more relaxing and comfortable to the eyes, so these are the ones you want for your space. New bulbs like LEDs have these warm toned bulbs so you don’t need to worry about finding an ecofriendly replacement bulb. 

Candles Nothing is more relaxing than candle light. You can buy decorative candles for less at any home improvement or department store. Scented candles are also a great option so not only get a relaxing atmosphere, you’re also getting aroma therapy. If you’re scared to use real candles, there are battery powered lights with LED bulbs that mimic candle light. You can also find these in home improvement or specialty light stores. 

Dimmers and Low-lit Bulbs If you can afford it, have a dimmer installed to your main lighting system. Dimmers are little knobs that let you control the amount of light the bulb gives out. They’re relatively inexpensive, but they do need an electrician to set it up. Another way to create a dimmer room is by using low-lit bulbs. Check the packaging on how bright the bulb is and get something that’s dimmer than you usually get. Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact our customer support hotline.0


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